A-gore-a-femme. Everything I do (is porn). I make and fuck holes.

I cry like I pee, sweat, and cum.

I'm not making art and porn to make you want to fuck me. I don't want you to fuck me. I do want you to put something inside me, and leave it there, to keep this growth company.

Reblog bodies. Ask me about your lover and how you can love each other better. Don't expect to get what you came for. But do stick around.

This is Lyric Seal's sappy and visceral digital archive of squeamishness, seams, splitting, and bravery.

Send me your school girl love poems and requests to go-go your house show:


Send your burning (and cool) love, sex, and life questions to listentolyric@gmail.com and they might be answered on Crash Pad Series in my advice column, "Slumber Party": tinyurl.com/listentolyric
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